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         Non Fiction


    Beyond the Sunset

             Other  Fiction Novels

           Getting Orlando

                 Ivor's Ghosts        

                  Ralph - Diary of a Gay Teen

                 The Raven and the Jackdaw

              Silver City

              Rich  (NEW)




     Short story


     Matches in the Dark


  Adam Series


        Blue Sky Adam

        Adam's Star



  The Seville Trilogy

 Seville Trilogy (single volume)

  Orange Bitter, Orange Sweet

            Along the Stars

             Woodcock Flight






             The Dog Series

      The Dog in the Chapel

  Tom & Christopher and their kind

              Dog Roses


    The Gay Romance Series

            Sweet Nineteen

            Gay Romance on Garda

            Gay Romance in Majorca

            The Paris Novel

            Cocker and I

            The Van Gogh Window

            Cam Cox

            Gay Tartan


          Spring Sonata