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Seville Trilogy follows the interconnected stories of six people who first meet in Seville as they embark on adult life. Book One, Orange Bitter, Orange Sweet is richly imbued with the sights, scents and sounds of southern Spain. ‘This haunting, deeply felt novel explores the sharp sweetness of youthful love, the bitterness of betrayal, and its aftermath.’
Book Two, Along The Stars, picks up the story of two of the group some dozen years later, and takes the reader on a zigzag journey through the skies of Europe – and deep into the hidden corridors of the theatre world.
Woodcock Flight completes the trilogy. Five of the Seville friends are reunited, thirty years after they first met, to honour the memory of the sixth member of their set. But it’s not their arrival in life-affirming Seville that is the main thing - it’s the journey of life that brings them back there. Woodcock Flight deals with mid-life loss - be it of a partner, a job, a career or religious faith - in a spirit of humour, fortitude and optimism: it's an up-beat book that rounds the series off.

An added bonus is the inclusion at the end of the short story which started the whole idea off. "Handling it"

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