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Gay Tartan


Callum McCrea is 23. Heir to a vast Scottish estate, and almost engaged to the beautiful girl next door (herself the heiress to the adjoining estate) he seems to have everything he could want.
But then 19-year-old Teddy, product of a children’s home in the north of England, joins the domestic staff. The two men fall in love … and the domestic and dynastic apple-carts are well and truly upset.
This is the tale of a forbidden love that crosses the upstairs-downstairs divide as well as transgressing other social norms upheld by most landed gentry.
The McCrea family motto is ‘Fortudine’ - With Fortitude. By the end of the book, though, a codicil has been added: Love Conquers All. ‘Amor Vincit Omnia.’

Number 8 in the Gay Romance series

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Published by Anchor Mill Publishing