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New Books and Website Additions

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.


September 2022    A new novel " RICH" is now available from Amazon

August 2022  Two new audio books Getting Orlando and Ivor's Ghost are now available from Amazon and other suppliers

June 2020    A new novel based on my travel experiences in the canaries "Islands beyond the sunset" is now out

October 2019    Audio books now have their own website Here

May 2019    Adam's Star the third book in the Adam trilogy is now available


May 2018       Now all of Anthony’s books – plus the three romances he has written under the name Adam Wye – are available in paperback, as well as on Kindle, from Amazon. 

And … Audiobooks. Over the next three years some 15 of Anthony’s books will appear in Audiobook form also. They are narrated by the author (who also plays the occasional snippets of music). Available from Amazon and other suppliers.

The first two Audiobooks are already out there. Adam, and The Dog in The Chapel. The other books in both these series will make an appearance during the current year. Ten more books to follow, if Life allows, through 2019 and 2020.


Sept 2017       New book published 'Tenerife' available in Kindle or paperback

Mar 2017        Paperback editions of The Adam series, Dog in the Chapel series and Silver city are now available from Amazon. All other books

                      will be available in paperback soon

Feb 2017        Silver city has been published

Jan 2016       New book published The Raven and the Jackdaw

Aug 1st         The second book in the dog in the chapel series is published Tom & Christopher

Mar 30th         New book published "Romance on the Orient Express"

Jan 21st        The 23rd January will be the Anniversary of the passing of my life partner Tony Linford.

                        To honor his  memory I dedicate this page of pictures. Remembering you always

Dec 24th        Touching Fifty Released today on Amazon

Dec 6th         New on Amazon All three Seville books in one volume. The Seville Trilogy at a very special price


Nov 4th         Just released at Amazon Gay Romance Christmas Hamper. The first 5 Gay romance novels

                        in one volume                     

Oct 18th        New Novel Ralph published today

Sept 5th        Added two new Random writings to the section and a selection of new photos to the Gallery

Aug 27th        The Dog in the Chapel is now No.2 in the Amazon Gay Literature best sellers                

Aug 2014       New novel released today "The Dog in the Chapel"

July  2014      A New Gay Romance has been finished. Check out "Gay Romance: Spring Sonata"  

June 2014      For three days only "Gay Romance in Paris" is FREE on Amazon. Offer ends 18th June.


May 2014       New covers for Adam, Blue Sky Adam, Getting Orlando, Orange Bitter, Orange Sweet

                        and Along The Stars                       

May 2014       Added some random writings and Photo gallery

                    See writings here and gallery here                  

May 2014       New title released
             See  here for more details.
April 2014      Anthony writes a psychological thriller
             See  here for more details.