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May News

New Title Release

Gay Romance in Barcelona

May 4th 2014 -- I am pleased to announce that the latest book in the "Gay Romance" series has been released today on Amazon










Thought I'd use some of my experiences of Barcelona as background to my newest gay romance...
Good company, and friendship, are among the themes of Gay Romance in Barcelona, alongside romantic love and romantic sex.
Thomas, 34, and a casualty of the economic meltdown of 2008, exchanges London for Barcelona in search of a new life. Before even reaching the city he finds himself sitting alongside 24-year-old Mike on the airport bus. It's mutual lust at first sight, though Thomas is reluctant to admit it could be more than that. A lot of adventures and misadventures must befall him before he realises the truth...
"The taxi driver took us along the Carrer Ample but refused to risk his wing-mirrors in our narrow, arch-canopied medieval street. It was only a few yards anyway. We got out, thanked the driver, and turned the corner into our street.
Mike pounced on me as soon as we had gained the relative darkness of our narrow way between the walls of granite. ‘I need a mate,’ he said. ‘I need you, want you. Want you all the time. Want you…. Now.’
In the dim light thrown by one of the wall-mounted bracket lamps he thrust his hands beneath my waistband. I did the same to him. We thrust our hands up under each other’s shirt front till we rubbed each others nipples, which were standing to attention in the darkness and the coolness of the night. We kissed with thirsty desperation, then felt inside each other’s trousers and, drink-careless about whether we were seen or not, pulled out each other’s cock. We got to work on them urgently, eventually – it took a while because of the quantity we’d drunk – spraying each other’s trousers that had been clean on tonight.
A man and a dog walked past us while we were doing this and studiously pretended not to see or hear us, although we were hardly quiet or still. Then, when we’d finished and, shivering with the cold and shock and excitement of it, were stowing away our spent dicks, I saw someone else lurking in the deep shadow of a doorway. It was the man I’d seen from my balcony on my first day’s visit to our apartment..."
Gay Romance in Barcelona is released today by Anchor Mill Publishing as a Kindle Ebook.

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